8.00AM-8.10AMWelcome address organizing committee
8.10AM-8.30AMKeynote lecture: Bacteria fuel malignant inflammation and disease activity in CTCLNiels Ødum, Copenhagen, Denmark
8.30AM-8.50AMMicrobial triggers and clonal evolution in CTCL pathogenesisSergei Koralov, New York, NY, USA
8.50AM-9.10AMChronic T cell activation by CD1a and Staphylococcal lipidsAnnemieke de Jong, New York, NY, USA
9.10AM-9.30AMAhR signaling drives defective type I IFN signaling in mycosis fungoidesRachael Clark, Boston, MA, USA
9.30AM-9.50AMInfectious and environmental drivers of CTCLLarisa Geskin, New York, NY, USA
10.30AM-10.50AMThe micromilieu in CTCL: From inflammation over tumor progress to antitumoral response
Gabor Dobos, Berlin, Germany
10.50AM-11.10AMTargeting immunosuppressive macrophages in the tumor microenvironment of CTCLChristiane Querfeld, Duarte, CA, USA
11.10AM-11.30AMThe role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in MFEmmilia Hodak, Tel Aviv, Israel
11.30AM-11.50PMADCC in lymphoma treatment – A spotlight on NK cells?Emmanuella Guenova, Lausanne, Switzerland
1.00PM-1.20PMTowards a better understanding of the CTCL cellular and molecular landscapeMuzlifah Haniffa, Newcastle, UK
1.20PM-1.40PMInsights into pathogenesis and translational strategies for CTCLMichael Girardi, New Haven, CT, USA
1.40PM-2.00PMAn individualized approach to therapy of advanced MF in the era of personalized medicineOleg Akilov, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2.00AM-2.20AMIndolent vs. aggressive diseasePatrick M. Brunner, New York, NY, USA
2.40PM-3.00PMCTCL: unraveling the mechanisms of long-term disease controlAdèle de Masson, Paris, France
3.00PM-3.20PMNew treatment targetsMartine Bagot, Paris, France
3.20PM-3.40PMTherapeutic mechanisms in CTCL: Lessons learnt from photo(chemo)therapyPeter Wolf, Graz, Austria
3.40PM-4.00PMThe association of CTCL with inflammatory skin disorders and its treatments - True causality or misdiagnosis?Shamir Geller, New York, NY, USA
4.00PM-4.15PMConcluding remarks and awards
01.00PM - 04.00PMPre-Meeting Symposium: Research Techniques in Atopic Dermatitis
(Registration via IEC website required)
International Eczema Council
04.30PM - 04.40PMWelcome AddressOrganizing Committee
04.40PM -05.00PMSetting the StageGeorg Stingl,
Vienna, Austria
05.00PM - 05.30PMKeynote lecture
“Immune system-driven skin fibrosis”
Richard Flavell,
New Haven, CT, USA
05.30PM - 06.00PMType 2 immunity across diseasesBart Lambrecht,
Ghent, Belgium
06.00PM - 07.00PMOral presentations from selected abstractsMore information
07.00PM - 10.00PMReception and poster viewingMore information
08.00 AM – 09.30 AMSponsored Breakfast Symposium
09.30 AM – 09.45 AMBREAK
09.45 AM – 10.15 AMInnate immunity in the skinMichel Gilliet,
Lausanne, Switzerland
10.15 AM – 10.45 AMThe microbiome in inflammatory skin diseasesHeidi Kong,
Bethesda, MD, USA
10.45 AM – 11.15 AMDeveloping a human skin cell atlasMuzlifah Haniffa,
Newcastle, United Kingdom
11.15 AM – 11.45 AMOral presentations from selected abstracts
11.45 AM – 12.00 PMBREAK
12.00 PM – 01.30 PMSponsored Lunch Symposium
01.30 PM – 01.45 PMBREAK
01.45 PM – 02.15 PMMitochondrial ROS and cytoplasmic nucleic acid sensing set the inflammatory tone in human skinRachael Clark,
Boston, MA, USA
02.15 PM – 02.45 PMCutaneous T cell compartments in health and immunodeficiencyGeorg Stary,
Vienna, Austria
02.45 PM – 03.15 PMChronic inflammation – what we learn from cutaneous lymphomasPatrick M. Brunner,
New York, NY, USA
03.15 PM – 03.45 PMOral presentations from selected abstracts
03.45 PM – 04.15 PMCOFFEE BREAK
04.15 PM – 04.45 PMDissecting the role of IL-13 in health and diseaseJohannes U. Mayer,
Marburg, Germany
04.45 PM – 05.15 PMJanus kinases in inflammationMassimo Gadina,
Bethedsa, MD, USA
05.15 PM – 05.45 PMPsoriasisJohann Gudjonsson, Ann Arbor,
05.45 PM – 06.15 PMNewly identification of a CXCR6+ pathogenic skin-resident CD4+ T cell subset in a mouse model of allergic dermatitis that requires CXCL16 for its maintenanceKenji Kabashima,
Kyoto, Japan
Conference Networking Event (bus transfer)
08.00 AM – 09.30 AMOral presentations from selected abstracts
09.30 AM – 09.45 AMBREAK
09.45 AM – 10.15 AMNeuronal immunology interactionsDan Kaplan,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
10.15 AM – 10.45 AMItch and neuroinflammationBrian Kim,
New York, NY, USA
10:45 PM– 11:15 AM"Of mice and men” - A Tale of Inflammatory Skin DiseasesNicole Ward,
Nashville, TN, USA
11:15 AM – 11.45 AMOral presentations from selected abstracts
11.45 PM – 12.00 PMBREAK
12.00 PM – 01.30 PMSponsored Lunch Symposium
01.30 PM – 01.45 PMBREAK
01.45 PM – 02.15 PMAdvances in atopic dermatitisAlan Irvine,
Dublin, Ireland
02.15 PM – 02.45 PMAlopecia areataRalf Paus,
Miami, FL, USA
02.45 PM – 03.15 PMAtopic dermatitis & alopecia areata: Common mechanisms and targetsEmma Guttman,
New York, NY, USA
03.15 PM – 03.45 PMOral presentations from selected abstracts
03.45 PM – 04.15 PMCOFFEE BREAK
04.15 PM – 04.45 PMOral presentations from selected abstracts
04.45 PM – 05.15 PMHidradenitis suppurativaJames G. Krueger,
New York, NY, USA
05.15 PM – 05.45 PMEmerging opportunities in vitiligoJohn Harris,
Worcester, MA, USA
05.45 PM – 06.45 PMOral presentations from selected abstracts
06.45 PM – 07.00 PMBREAK
07.00 PM - 8.30 PMSponsored Dinner Symposium
08.00 AM - 9.30 AMOral presentations from selected abstracts
09.30 AM – 09.45 AMBREAK
9.45 AM – 10.15 AMAcademic / industry collaboration and perspectivesKristian Reich,
Hamburg, Germany
10.15 AM – 10.45 AMThe Past, Present, and Future of Cell Therapies for AutoimmunityAimee Payne,
Philadelphia, PA, USA
10.45 AM – 11.15 AMLupus: New DevelopmentsJoseph Merola,
Boston MA, USA
11.15 AM – 11.45 AMThe role of the target tissue in skin autoimmunity: pemphigus as a case studyEli Sprecher,
Tel Aviv, Israel
11.45 PM – 12.00 PMOral presentations from selected abstracts
12.00 PM – 12.30 PMBREAK
12.30 PM – 02.00 PMSponsored Lunch Symposium
02.00 PM – 02.30 PMArtificial Intelligence in DermatologyPhilipp Tschandl,
Vienna, Austria
02.30 PM – 03.00 PM UrticariaMarcus Maurer,
Berlin, Germany
03.00 PM Closing & Farewell